Our team has a clear customer service vocation, not only attending customer requests but advising them in any matter relating to our products and services. Committed to our employees, we believe in professional development and search for the balance between professional and personal lives. We offer you the opportunity to work with a multi-national group of professionals of diverse cultures, experience and knowledge, with whom you will be able to learn and share.

At Stiva we are committed first and foremost to internal talent and the value of our people. During the process we ensure the confidentiality of applicant details and we commit to communicating any developments in the selection process in a transparent, rigorous and regular manner.
We respect and encourage equal professional opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, nationality, religion or any other personal, physical or social condition. This is how we can ensure we integrate the best talent.


carreer detailInterested in joining a large international team

carreer detailInnovative leaders of change

carreer detailCommitted

carreer detailResponsible

carreer detailAnd above all passionate about customer service

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If you are interested in being part of our team, send a resume to rrhhs@stivagp.com